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Snowy Owl Room

Baby Room ( 0 to 18 months)

Our baby room staff pride themselves as they provide flexibility and individual care whilst actively encouraging the children to explore their environment and preferences as they blissfully enjoy their time at nursery. The babies have daily planning which provides a wide variety of activities and learning experiences for your child.  Activities such as Pasta play, Sensory box, Musical time are to name but a few…

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Tawny Owl Room

Transitional Room (18 month to 30 months)

Planned activities are provided every day developing various skills such as creative, role play, outdoor play, knowledge and understanding of the world and the children have the opportunity to paint creative lots of pictures to take home. We actively encourage our children to experience the delights of messy play, pasta play, painting, nappy art, walks to local amenities, sand play , water play and many more to give each individual child to develop in a positive way.

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Barn Owl Room

2 to 3 Room ( 30 to 42 months)

Our Barn Owl room is a natural and spacious room, with direct access to the spacious garden and have daily opportunities for fresh air and exercise. This combined with our friendly, caring and enthusiastic staff team, makes a friendly, welcoming and stimulating environment for your child.
and valued if they are to contribute and participate, feel happy and thrive. Feeling included is supported by responsive care. This supported with a flexible environment which adapts to children’s immediate interests and needs provides a very safe and welcoming environment for our toddlers.
You will have noticed that by this stage, your child will have an abundance of energy and will have become very inquisitive. The amount a child learns is dependent upon the variety of different experiences they have access to.

Eagle Owl Preschool

Preschool (42 month onwards)

Our Eagle Pre-school room is a large room with set out with self-selection to encourage children’s independence, curiosity and all the basic skills they will need to prepare them for school life. The children within this room have self-service at mealtimes with the support of the staff, this helps to develop the children’s social and communication skills.
We have a lot of resources within this room and the best possible activities are provided to ensure your children are stimulated, engaging, enjoying and achieving their early learning goals set out within the EYFS national curriculum.

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